Bar Hopping: Blu Bar and End Zone

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last night I decided to go bar hopping. I ended up at the Blu Bar and End Zone. This is my first time going to the Blu Bar, so I really didn't know what to expect. When I got to the door, the guy was like $5 to get in. I'm thinking to myself, I'm NOT about to pay to get into a bar, especially downtown when you have so many other options. So as my friend and I was walking away he called us back and was like it was free for us. As I entered the bar, all that was there was mainly dudes, **thinking to myself, I should have came with my girls***. Inside the bar the lighting was blue (oh course), projection screen TV and they had a DJ. We sat at the bar and I had a Sex on the Beach and he had a Long Island Ice Tea, both drinks $3 each. Not a bad deal, the bartender who I think her name was Patricia or Patrice , her husband owns the club said that on Tuesday, they have drink specials from 8-10 for $3. I asked if they served food, but she said no, because they didn't have a kitchen. I wanted some wings, so we finished our drinks and I told Patrica that I would be coming back since during the week, they have different events going on.

Since I wanted some wings, we ended up at the End Zone, I'm thinking it's packed, because I see all the cars outside, so I was like okay this is going to be a good crowd. As we entered the door, I was thinking to myself, I think everyone in here drove there own car **do people not car pool any more**LOL. But on a side note I had fun, they had karaoke and I was able to get my laugh on. I will be going back to the End Zone on Tuesday night.

I was home by 12, so I got just enough sleep.

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